Dr Vanisha Mishra-Vakaoti

Vanisha has a PhD from the Australian National University. She completed her Bachelor’s Degree and Post-Graduate Diploma from the University of the South Pacific, where she also graduated with three gold medals, including the medal for most outstanding student in the Faculty of Arts and Law.

Vanisha’s academic background is in Psychology and Social Research. Her research work has focused on the areas of leadership, education, children and young people’s issues in Fiji and the Pacific. She has particular interest and expertise in research design, research processes, ethics and qualitative research.

At the age of twenty-eight, Vanisha’s career is quite young but she has headed research projects with the Citizens’ Constitutional Forum, the Pacific Leadership Program and successfully secured funding and carried out research on Youth Leadership Models in Fiji (in collaboration with her husband Patrick). Vanisha also worked as an academic at the University of the South Pacific, offering courses in Research, Cross-Cultural Psychology and Health and Community Psychology.

Vanisha is a respected speaker and has spoken on children and youth issues in Fiji and internationally. She currently coordinates the Mentoring program for Making Connections Fiji and is preparing for the 2014 Emerging Pacific Leaders Dialogue as a representative for Fiji.

“Together, Patrick and I form a team that is skilled and passionate. Our philosophy to consultancies places equal emphasis on outcomes as well as processes. The core of our work is people. Making connections with people, projects and communities and imparting skills so that organisations are able to take more of a lead role in the projects they commission is an integral aspect of what we do. It’s the addition to the high standard of work that you receive when you work with us.”